DIY Raspberry Trellis

Lead Image
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
2- to 3-foot metal rod, slightly curved at the ends
5- to 6-foot straight metal post
Heavy gauge wire
Metal eye bolts
Sticking tape
Measuring tape
Welding machine
Chalk powder

A raspberry trellis is a support structure that is erected on either side of a raspberry plant. It is used to raise raspberry shoots and fruit, in order to expose the plant to direct sunlight and make water and fertilizer application easier. Building a raspberry trellis is a cost effective alternative to purchasing a ready-made structure from a gardening store or nursery. The procedure is relatively easy and involves the following steps:

Step 1 - Weld Metal Eye Bolts in the Metal Post

Take the metal post and measure its length to ensure it is between five and six feet long. Take the measuring tape and mark 20 different spots on the post at equal distances. Weld metal eye bolts on the markings made, using a welding machine.

Step 2 - Make Rows on the Ground

Take a measuring tape and lay it flat on one corner of the field. Put a heavy stone on one end of the tape to ensure it stays still. Move backward in a straight line and put chalk powder on the measuring tape as you do so. Remove the tape slowly so the chalk powder is not disturbed.

Step 3 - Set Posts in the Ground

Use a hole digger to dig a hole around two to three feet deep. Each raspberry plant should have one hole on its side. Fit metal posts inside each hole and secure them with concrete. Make sure that the posts are straight by using a plumb.

Step 4 - Attach Metal Rod to the Post

Take the metal rod and measure its length to mark its center. Fit the center of the rod over the metal eye bolt and weld it to the post, making a “T” or plus (+) shape. Make sure that the ends of the metal rod are facing upward. Adjust the length of each metal rod according to length of each plant.

Step 5 - Attach Wire to the Metal Rod

Place metal wire at the curved ends of each metal rod and wrap sticking tape around them. Make sure that the wires are taut, but they do not have to be excessively tight.

Step 6 - Fix Raspberry Plant on the Trellis

Gently pick a plant and fit it on the metal wire. Tie the raspberry canes as they grow and spread them out along the length of the wire so it is exposed to maximum sunlight. Repeat the process with each raspberry plant.