How to Install a Shower Pan

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Shower pan installation can seem like a highly complex and tricky procedure best left to high-priced professionals, but don't fret. If you're in the market for a new shower pan, this easy-to-follow set of instructions will help you install it in a simple and timely fashion.

Choose the Right Shower Pan for Your Bathroom

Before installing your new shower pan, you must first select a pan that is practical and suits your needs. A sturdy shower pan will prevent moisture from leaking into the drywall. Pre-molded pans, in particular, are quite strong and fairly easy to install. The sturdier the shower pan, the longer it will last.

Spread Your Mortar

Spread the mortar across the floor of your shower. Use the trowel to spread it evenly. Don't attempt to cover too much area at once. Cautiously distribute the mortar to a small portion of the shower's floor at a time. It is very important that you don't rush your way through this step, as unevenly spread mortar will cause problems later.

Once the mortar has been evenly distributed across the floor of your shower, carefully use it to create a slope. Many pre-molded pans come in their own slopes, thus rendering this step unnecessary. Consult the mortar's packaging to learn how much time it needs to fully dry.

Lay Your Membrane Liners

Now that your mortar has been properly spread and allowed ample time to try, it is time to lay the membrane liners. You should begin this step by placing a membrane liner directly beneath your new shower pan. Next place a membrane liner over the freshly dried mortar, then carefully spread another layer of mortar over the surface of the membrane liner. After giving the new layer of mortar enough time to fully dry, you will be ready to proceed with the final step in the shower pan installation process.

Lay Your New Shower Pan

Having given your second layer of mortar enough time to dry, place your new shower pan directly over it. Firmly align it with the shower floor. Then simply screw the drain cover into your new shower pan.

There you have it, household handymen. Now that you have this helpful set of instructions by your side, you'll be able to tackle the shower pan installation project.