DIY Solar Window Screens

Solar window screens are like sunglasses for windows.  Solar window screens are used to cover the outside of existing windows just like regular window screens but use different screen fabric material.

Solar window screens limit the amount of heat entering a home while reducing sun glare.  In addition, solar window screens keep out dust, dirt, pollen, insects and damaging ultra violet light.

Solar window screens have a darker outside appearance than standard window screens.  However, the inside visibility looking out is not modified.

Solar window screens are especially ideal for warm climates such as Texas, Nevada and Arizona.  They can make inside rooms up to 15 degrees cooler than without.

Types of frames used for solar window screens

• Wood frame-You will need staples, a staple gun and a small wood trim.
• Aluminum frame- you will need spline (rubber cord) and a spline roller.
• Installing solar window screens in a wood frame

Step 1-Cut the solar window screen slightly larger than the window frame.

Step 2-Pull the solar screen fabric tightly across the frame.

Step 3-Staple the screen to the frame.

Step 4-Use wood trim molding to cover the frame and ragged edges of the screen fabric.

How to install solar window screens in an aluminum frame

Step 1-Lay the aluminum on a flat surface.

Step 2-Cover the frame with the solar screen fabric that is cut a little bigger than the  

Step 3 - Push the spline along with the solar screen fabric into the groove found around
              the inside of the aluminum frame

Step 4 - Trim away excess solar screen fabric

Attaching the solar window screen to the windows

Mount turn clips to the existing windows to hold the solar window screen in place.