DIY Stained Glass Mirror

What You'll Need
Colorful paints for glass
Lead lining paint (the fake kind from the craft store)
Permanent marker
Damp towel

A stained glass mirror adds a spark of beauty to any home. You can make your own stained glass mirror but the products used to do so are toxic. This article will show you how to easily create a stained glass mirror from scratch and with products that are completely safe to use.

Step 1 - Making the Design

Look at images of other stained glass mirrors to get an idea of what you would like to do. You can easily design your own stained glass mirror on your computer using a variety of software programs. When you make your design make sure that you are only creating the outline of the picture or words. Think of it as making a coloring book page (which you could use as a template for your stained glass mirror). When you have your images, connect them all with straight lines. Print the design out on a piece of paper. If your design is larger than a regular sized piece of paper then you can make it in sections and tape them together.

Step 2 - Making the Transfer

If you were making the stained glass effect on a regular piece of glass you would not have to create a transfer sheet. Since you cannot see through a mirror you need a way for you to be able to get the design you made on to the mirror. Turn your design over and rub the back with the white chalk. You cannot have too much chalk so be generous as this will be the way the design gets to the mirror.

Step 3 - Transferring the Design

Take the design and turn it right side up. Place it on top of the mirror where you want it then tape it down. Take the chopstick and trace along the lines of the design. Use medium pressure as to not rip the paper. Go over the lines several times. Remove the tape from one side of the paper and lift it up. Check to make sure that enough chalk has been left behind to form your design on the mirror. Once you are satisfied you can remove the template. Now, use the marker and carefully trace the lines. You do this because the chalk can easily be removed. When the marker is dried you can wipe the chalk away with the damp towel. Before continuing make sure the mirror is dry.

Step 4 - Finishing the Mirror

Open your tube of the fake lead liner and begin applying it to the mirror. Follow the lines as closely as possible. Read the instructions to determine how long the lead paint has to rest before being dry. When the time is up you can begin using the glass paints to add color to the design creating the stained glass look.