DIY String Ornaments

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What You'll Need
Rubber gloves
Petroleum jelly
White flour
3 cups warm water
A disposable foil pan
Waxed paper
A pin
An old cardboard box
Spray paint

You can add a rustic touch to your holiday decorations with homemade string ornaments. You can make these decorative pieces in any size and color to accent any space in your home. The ornaments are light so they can be easily hung anywhere, whether its on the tree or as a garland strung together. This project will take two days to complete but it will be well worth the time.

Step 1 - Blow up your balloons to your desired sizes. You can create an impressive look by making the ornaments in a variety of sizes.

Step 2 - Put on your rubber gloves. Use your fingers to apply the petroleum jelly to the surface of the balloons. This will enable you to remove the balloon once the homemade paste is dry.

Step 3 - Create a homemade paste using the flour and water. Pour 3 cups of warm water into a large disposable foil roasting tray (a disposable pan makes the clean-up process much easier). Add 2 cups of white flour to the warm water and stir until the mixture is fully combined and there are no lumps.

Step 4 - Lay some sheets of waxed paper on your workspace. The waxed paper will make it easy to remove the string ornaments from the workspace once they are dry.

Step 5 - To determine how much string you will need for your first ornament, wrap some dry string around a balloon. Cover the the balloon's surface several times, wrapping the string in different directions. Make sure to leave lots of small gaps in the string so that you will be able to see through it. When your balloon is covered to your liking, use your scissors to cut off the used length.

Step 6 - Place the length of string into the tray of homemade paste. Allow the string to sit until it is completely saturated -- a couple of minutes.

Step 7 - Take an end of string from the pan of paste and begin placing the string onto the surface of the balloon. Wrap the balloon with the string, vertically and horizontally, until it is almost thoroughly covered as you did in step 5. Tuck the ends under the wrapped string to secure it.

Step 8 - If you would like to add glitter, sprinkle it over the string while the paste is wet. Allow the string ornament to dry completely -- about 24 hours.

Step 9 - Once the paste is fully dry and the string is hard, use your pin to pop the balloon inside. Gently pull the balloon from inside the string ball through one of the small openings.

Step 10 - To spray paint your string ornaments, you will need a well-ventilated area. If possible, spray them outside. Place the first ornament inside your cardboard box. Hold the can about a foot away from the ornament and spray the paint evenly. Rotate the ornament for full paint coverage. Remove it from the box and allow enough time for it to dry completely.

Step 11 - Once you have completed all of your string ornaments, decide where you want to display them. They can be hung with a wire ornament hook on the Christmas tree, strung into a garland to hang on a banister or wall, or hang them from the ceiling at various heights. Whether you display them in an entrance way, from a chandelier or next to a stair case, these decorative ornaments will create an impressive holiday touch to your home.