DIY Summer Clothespin Place Card

Lead Image
What You'll Need
Binder rings (2)
Mini wooden clothespins
Small shells
Acrylic paint
Paint brush or foam brush
Scrap paper
Marker or pen
Hot glue gun

When you're a home owner, being a host and entertaining friends and family is half the fun. This summer, take the DIY approach to party planning and make your own summer-themed place cards. This is an awesome way to spruce up your table setting while making your guests feel welcome. It's also a clever and inexpensive way for bringing together a specific theme or vibe for a party. Because these place cards cost very little to make, you'll be able to save some cash while enjoying the festivities. They're especially excellent for incorporating into an outdoor party full of good food, pool games, and sunshine.

Step 1 - Gather the Supplies

gather supplies for project

Collect the materials needed for this project according to the supply list. Keep in mind that the larger your binder rings, the larger your place cards will be. Alternatively, you can use a circular piece of sturdy wire if you don't have binder rings. In place of the hot glue, you can also use wood or industrial strength glue.

Step 2 - Attach the Clothespins

clothes pins

Open up the first clothespin by pressing down on the ends. Attach to the binder rings, double checking that it is secure and does not move around. The thickness of most binder rings is perfect for mini clothespins. However, if your binder ring happens to be thinner, you might need to add hot glue for extra security. To do this, simply place a dot of hot glue on the ring before attaching the clothespin. Remember, a little goes a long way. Repeat until the entire circumference of the binder ring is covered in clothespins.

Step 3 - Paint the Clothespins

blue painted clothes pins

Using the brush, apply acrylic paint to the clothespins. For a summer vibe, use a vibrant colors such as coral, turquoise, or fuchsia. Even a wash of solid white will do the trick. You can paint the entire surface of the clothespin or create a gradient of color. As always, don't forget to protect your work space with scrap cardboard or old newspaper. This will ensure that paint does not transfer to your table or desk while you work.

Step 4 - Apply the Embellishments

glue on embellishments

Now, it's time to bring in the finishing touches. On a piece of scrap paper, write the guest's name. Trim the paper as necessary. Adhere to the mini clothespin wreath place card with a dot of hot glue. If you'd like to make the name tag temporary, use a piece of double-sided tape. Next, add a few mini shells with hot glue.

Step 5 - Make the Remaining Place Cards

finished clothes pin wreaths

Repeat Steps 1-3 until you have created enough place cards for your summer table. Want to mix things up a bit? Add mini starfish, leaf embellishments, or flower components.

Or, go big! Try using wire or warping an old wire clothes hanger and larger clothespins to make a large summer wreath for your front door. Use your scrap paper to write "Welcome" or something seasonally fun.