DIY Tie Top Drapery

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Tie top drapery is simple to sew and creates as much of an impact as more complicated curtains and window treatments. As the name implies, tie top drapery makes use of ties—instead of a rod pocket—to hang from the curtain rod.

The Drapery Panel

To make easy tie top drapery, measure the length and width of your window, adding four inches to each measurement to allow for hemming. Then, add the distance from your curtain rod to the top of the window to the drapery length measurement. Hem all four sides of the fabric by folding the edges under and sewing, and then repeat this step for a clean edge.

The Drapery Ties

Next, decide how many ties you want and the fabric you want to use. A good rule of thumb is five inches between each tie. Fold facing sides of the fabric lengthwise and sew two sides, leaving one end open. Turn the ties right side out, hem the open end and sew them to the back of the drapery panel.

Tie top drapery is a fashionable window treatment solution for those on a budget with just a minimum of sewing skills. They are easy to make and they look fabulous.