DIY Two-Sided Shadow Box

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Wood Glue

A shadow box is essentially a thick 3D picture frame that allows you to put virtually anything inside. While a normal shadow box is hung on the wall, a two-sided shadow box will have glass at the front and back so that you can see right through the frame and look at the object from both sides. With the right tools and equipment, you can easily create your very own two-sided shadow box.

Step 1 - Measuring a Space

Before you begin, decide where your shadow box will hang. Measure the size of the frame that can fit in this area. Use these numbers to help you determine the best shape and size of the box.

Step 2 - Making the Frame

This frame will be a little different from many other shadow box frames. First you need a router to score two groves in all four pieces of wood so that the glass will slide inside and fit in place. The groves need to line up so that the glass is held in place.

Glue and screw 3 of the pieces of the frame together to make a "U" shape. Drill the top piece and countersink so that it can be screwed on.

Make sure that the frame is deep enough for whatever it is you want to put inside the frame, bear in mind that you don't want things inside to be squeezed in. You want them to have enough space so that they retain their natural shape and look great.

Step 3 - Fitting the Glass

Make sure that the glass is the right size for the frame. If necessary, get it cut down to size. Make sure that it fits inside of the grooves that you have made. Two pieces of glass are required for the front and back of the frame.

Step 4 - Putting Objects Inside

You will be able to either drop objects in from the top of the shadow box, or instead you can remove the glass and put the objects in from in-front or behind. Make sure that these are positioned properly. You might also like to glue or tape them down to the base of the shadow box.

Step 5 - Finishing Touches

Once the glass has been fitted you then need to put the top piece on and tighten the screws. This will stop the glass from falling out. If you ever wanted to change what was inside the shadow box you can simply unscrew the top piece and change the display.