DIY Wall Décor with Nursery Art

What You'll Need
Wood planks
Measuring tape

Decorating a nursery does not have to cost you a fortune if you try some simple yet appealing DIY nursery art ideas, such as the ones described below.

Step 1: Stencilling

A great way to decorate the nursery's walls is by using stencils. There are several stencils which are specifically designed for nurseries and kids' bedrooms. The themes often include popular cartoons characters, stars, teddy bears, flowers, butterflies and several other designs which appeal to children.

The key to creating an appealing wall is to choose suitable colors for the wall paint, and then adapt matching, yet striking colors for the drawings created with the stencils. Also, make sure that you use good quality paint, and to allow it to dry well between one coating and the next. Instead of buying ready-made stencils you can even make your own stencils, using cardboard and scissors. If you are good at drawing you can also paint freehand directly on the walls. The best thing is that you can personalize as much as you wish, both in terms of characters and also in terms of sizes.

Step 2: Wallpaper

Some people prefer to attach wallpaper rather than painting the walls of a nursery. There are several wallpaper designs to choose from. As long as you attach the wallpaper neatly, you will surely create a wonderful effect since such wallpapers are designed with appealing characters, relaxing colors and scenes ideal for children's tastes.

Step 3: Stickers and Borders

Another quick way of decorating the walls of a nursery is by sticking stickers and borders. The sky is your limit here because specialized stores will have a wide range of designs, colors and themes ideal for nurseries and kids bedrooms. The key here is to be patient and stick the border little by little, so as to make it as neat and as linear as possible. There is no set rule to where you can stick the stickers. Just try not to overdo it.

Step 4: Picture Frames

You can create your own picture frames rather than buying ready-made ones. You can use wood painted in the colors you prefer to build the frame, and then use any picture or photo inside it. You can also easily print pictures of popular characters which you can find on various kids' websites. Otherwise, if you are good at drawing you can draw the picture yourself. You can even try to make picture frames featuring particular crafts such as cross stitch, three dimensional embellishments, collages, or decoupage. The sky is your limit, just be creative, innovative and colorful.

Step 4: Wall Hangings

You can create various wall hangings. Simple ideas include printing pictures of particular characters and hanging them at random places. You can even attach from the ceiling with a string and let them sway. You can also attach a piece of foam at the back to make them thicker. Letters are also a popular way of decorating in a simple manner. Use letters carved out of wood or laminated ones for added durability. Then, using them, compose the child's name in a prominent part of the wall. Hand prints are also popular.