DIY Water Irrigation

If you plan for water irrigation in your outdoor garden, it can create a much healthier garden and save you a great deal of effort. A drip irrigation system can provide simple and money saving irrigation for a small outdoor garden.

Step 1 - Plan Ahead
Locate a water source, such as an outdoor faucet. Use a “Y” connector on the faucet, since the water irrigation system will need to be hooked up all the time. With a “Y” connector, you can always use an auxiliary hose when needed.

Step 2 – Draw Out the Design
You should make a sketch of your garden and indicate each plant. Each plant will need at least one emitter, and some will need two, if they absorb a great deal of water. Hydrangea, rhododendron or tomatoes are examples of plants that need lots of water.

Step 3 – Assemble the Design
Buy the necessary supplies once you have the measurements, and cut the tubes to size. Letting the tubing sit in the sun for a couple of hours will soften it and make it easier to work with.

Step 4 – Hook up the System

Connect the pieces in this order: “Y” connector, an electric timer, a backflow/pressure unit, hose thread adaptor, length of garden hose to reach the garden, hose thread adaptor, drip irrigation line. Adjust the water level, and let it go to work.