DIY Woodworm Treatment Tips

Woodworm treatment involves the extermination of wood destroying insects that are usually the larvae stage of several beetle species. These worms are a seasonal pest and will attack wood, consume it and leave at the time they mature. Knowing when they are prone to attack will help you prevent them. To keep these pests at bay, you will need to keep humidity low, remove already-infected furniture to prevent spreading and have some electric fly traps. The following tips will be helpful in dealing with woodworms should they infest.

Confirm Infestation

Look for the signs of the wood being infested by the worms. Keep an eye out for actual worms (thought it is rare that you will see them), small round holes in furniture, small heaps of powdery wood dust and, in severe cases, crumbling at the edges. However, some of the signs may indicate a previous invasion by the worms, so you will need to confirm the infestation as present or past.

Identify the Woodworm

This will help you decide on a line of action as some of the woodworm larvae are not destructive. If you are unable to identify the pest, have a specialist come in and do it for you. The professional will also be able to advise on a course of action to take once you know you have woodworms.

Block Woodworm Holes

Once you do this, you will know whether the woodworm is still a resident or came and left. Covering the woodworm holes by painting or with tape will let you know whether the worms are still around. If they are, they will bore in or out after the painting or cut through the tape placed on the hole. This will help you establish whether it is a new or old problem.

Keep Humidity Low

Woodworms prefer wood with higher moisture content and high humidity. To keep them away, ensure that humidity is maintained as low as possible. Avoid moisture content above 20 percent as this is very high and an almost sure invitation to the woodworms. An ideal situation is to have moisture around 11 percent. A damp environment will not only attract woodworms, it will also bring in molds and other problems.

Electric Fly Traps

Electric flytraps are useful in dealing with the adults of woodworms and help in reducing further infestation. They are especially useful in poorly ventilated areas.

Once confirmed as a current woodworm invasion, you can treat using one of the many available insecticides, some of which are furniture polish products. If the infected wood is part of a building, you may need to remove insulation, floor boards and cables to apply. However, it may be best to call in an expert to guide you. You should also ensure that any wood you use for construction or furniture is well-treated and dried to prevent woodworm attacks.