Do Hybrid Cars Last Longer Than Standard Cars?

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  • 1-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-100,000

Not many people out there like mundane car maintenance like doing an oil change or cleaning spark plugs. There are many questions circulating about hybrid cars regarding what they are and what they are not, including maintenance requirements and whether a hybrid car lasts longer than a standard gas or diesel powered car. This article will help answer that question.

1. The Engine

A lot of people confuse a hybrid car with a pure electric car. A car that runs on nothing but electricity is expensive, hard to come by and do last longer than most vehicles on the planet. A hybrid car, however, is not one of these cars. A hybrid vehicle is composed of two engines: gas and electric. This means both have to be maintained and done so regularly.

The electric engine will require less work than the gas engine. With the gas engine you still have to do an oil change in the same amount of miles; you still have the usual fluids and the usual problems. If you drive the car correctly then the gas engine is used a lot less and then, as a result, the vehicle as a whole lasts longer than a standard car that runs solely on gas.

2. The Brake System

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This is an interesting system as it is one unit with two functions. First, you have the normal brake pads we are all familiar with. When you use the brakes you are putting wear on them just as you would in a standard car. The other function of the brake system is something called "regenerative braking". This technology is what causes the hybrid engine to regain its electrical charge.

The way the system works takes some time to master but when you brake at slow speeds and coast you gain an electrical charge through the brake system. When you are going fast and you hit the brakes to slow down you are, in fact, using the regular disc brake system you would find in a standard car. If you properly use the car as a whole then the brakes on the hybrid car will last considerably longer than those of a standard car.

3. The Fuel System

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A hybrid car, since it has a gas engine, also has a fuel system. This system works exactly the same on a hybrid car as it does on a standard one. The fuel lines are no different and you still have all the filters. On a regular car a fuel filter is a long-lasting component but on a hybrid it is nearly never needed to be changed. Filters last longer because the gas engine is used less if you are properly operating the car.

4. The Battery

All cars, hybrid or not, have a battery. It just so happens the battery in a hybrid vehicle is the power center of the electric engine and the gas engine. The battery design is much more efficient than a standard battery and can last for over 100,000 miles. The cost to replace, however, is several hundred dollars.