Do It Yourself Boat Window Tinting

  • 1-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 30-200
What You'll Need
Dishwashing soap
Spray bottle
Small Sponges
X-Acto Knives
Straight razor
Bone Tools
Blow dryer

Applying boat window tint to the windows of your vessel has many benefits. With tinted windows you increase the privacy, protection, UV light filtration and the look is very sharp. There are many reasons for wanting to have tinted windows on your boat, but this is not a simple do-it-yourself task. Tinting windows requires practice and skill. You need to follow the directions exactly and be extremely precise with both measuring and cutting. Even professionals find the task difficult, so please assess your own skill level before proceeding.

Step 1: Cut the Boat Window Tint

Cut the film to the size and shape of the window that you want to tint. Use a glass board on which to cut, and set the pieces aside so that they are ready when you have prepared the window.

Step 2: Wash the Windows

Using the soapy mixture, spray onto the interior of the windows and clean with a sponge, making sure to remove all dirt. You will want to apply the tint to the interior windows and you want to make sure they are completely clean before tinting.

Step 3: Remove Residue

Remove any left over residue using a straight razor. Be very careful with this sharp tool, but be precise about leaving anything behind. It is imperative that the glass be completely cleaned.

Step 4: Squeegee

One final step of the cleaning process is to go over the glass with a squeegee from top to bottom. This is your final opportunity to remove all traces of residue on the window.

Step 5: Apply the Tint

Carefully apply the tint to the window. Be careful not to allow any bubbles to develop under the surface. Take the application process very slow and easy. Do not rush as this is the most difficult part of the process.

Step 6: Smooth the Tint

Using the bone tool, smooth down the edges of the tint. Take the hard card over them as well, to make certain that they will stay in place.

Step 7: Heat the Tint

Use a blow dryer (or a heat gun if you have one) and heat the tint. With your other hand, run the squeegee from side to side over the heated tint. Work horizontally. This will aid in removing any excess moisture on the glass that will prevent the tint from sealing.

Step 8: Repeat

Repeat these steps on all of the windows you wish to tint.