Do It Yourself Guard Dog Training

Guard dog training may not be as difficult as you think. Do you consider your dog a member of your family? Is your dog a gentle and sweet companion? Have you ever thought about training your dog to be a guard dog? Training your dog to protect its family and property does not mean the dog has to lose its gentle and sweet behavior.

Guard Dog Training at Any Age

Ideally, guard dog training should begin when the dog is a puppy. However, this does not mean an adult dog cannot be trained for this purpose. Older dogs have learned skills that may hinder guard dog training so the learning process may take a bit longer then a puppy. For example, if an adult dog has been trained to stay down and not jump on visitors, they may be hesitant to jump on an intruder. 

Begin Your Guard Dog Training Program

Teaching your dog to be a guard dog is a process that is typically done in a training facility with experienced guard dog trainers. Many programs even require your dog reside at the facility during the training period. However, this training can be done by you in your own home. Begin with obedience training so your dog understands that you are the master. The next step is teaching the dog discipline. It is essential that your dog is disciplined if he/she is going to be a guard dog. Some important discipline rules are; no begging and staying off the furniture. You can use a clicker to teach the basic commands such as sit, stay and down. 

Using Guard Dog Training Classes

Guard dog training classes with qualified instructors in which you and your dog attend are excellent resources for your dog. These classes help your dog learn more about guarding and protecting. This training will fill in the areas needed for a guard dog that you were not able to teach your dog. So this training is actually training you and your dog which creates a closer bond between the two of you. Professional training will also reinforce many of the things you have taught your dog thus allowing your dog to realize how important the training is.

Reaping the Rewards of Guard Dog Training

Once your dog has been through the home training and attended professional training classes, you can be sure he/she is ready to do his/her job. That job is protecting you and your family from unwanted intruders. Feeling safe and secure in your home is a great relief for many homeowners who want to protect themselves and their children. Having a furry family friend who can deliver this security is one of the best ways to protect your property.