Do It Yourself Termite Extermination Tips

What You'll Need
Liquid Pesticides
Termite Baits
Small Shovel

Do it yourself termite extermination can now be done safely, thanks to the various tips and instructions all over the Internet. Although professional termite extermination is a good option, it may cost a lot of money, but the cost can be lowered by using do it yourself termite extermination strategies. Here are some of them.

Step 1 – Inspect the Home for Termite Attack

The first step is to inspect the home to find out the extent of termite attack before deciding which method to use. This is best done in the spring when termites tend to migrate from one place to another. Sometimes, the home may only require preventative measures instead of extermination procedures. Check for signs of mud tunneling all over the house, as these are indications that termites have entered the home.

Step 2 – Decide which Method to Use

There are basically two methods used in exterminating termites: using liquid pesticides and using baits. Liquid pesticides can be used in the ground surrounding the house to prevent the termites from going back to their nests under the ground as well as prevent them from going back into the home. Although this can be an effective way of exterminating termites, it can be quite hazardous to other life forms such as plants due to their toxicity.  A safer method is to use termite baits because they do not need to be sprayed into the ground.

Step 3 – Using Liquid Pesticides

Liquid pesticide products come with instructional manuals that can be followed step by step. Usually, this requires digging a small trench around the entire perimeter of the house using a small shovel. Apply the pesticide into the trench holes according to manufacturer’s instructions. The pesticide barrier will repel or kill the termites. When choosing a liquid pesticide product, it is best to choose non-repellent types because they actually kill the insects and ensure that they do not come back again.

Step 4 – Using Termite Baits

A better solution to a do it yourself termite extermination process is to use poisoned termite baits. Termite baits are made of palatable materials that attract termites. Because of the poison added to the product, it effectively kills termites without having to use large quantities of expensive pesticides.

Choose a good termite bait product and stick it into the mud tunnels, but make sure that the hole is not blocked completely. Allow the termites to find the bait easily or simply stick it in the termites’ pathway. Give the termite bait about 2 weeks to work. Check on the termite bait to see if it has been consumed. If there are still signs of termite activity, use new baits to kill the termites. If these methods do not work, it is better to contact a termite extermination company in order to inspect the attack and apply more effective extermination methods.