Do You Need a Greenhouse Heater?

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A greenhouse heater helps regulate temperature inside of the greenhouse, in order to keep the plants warm and, in colder months, keep them from freezing over. If you’ve got a greenhouse with no heater, you may be inviting unnecessary work and hardship on you and your plants.

1. Annual Temperatures

If you live in a continually warm climate where your plants always have plenty of sunshine and the nighttime temperatures don’t dip too low, you probably don’t need a heater at all. If you live somewhere that has snowy, cold winters then a greenhouse heater is a very sound investment to make.

2. Types of Greenhouse Heaters

If you’ve got a small greenhouse you may consider a simple paraffin heater. These heaters are great to keep plants from freezing and keeping a small greenhouse warm.

For those with a larger greenhouse, you'll want to consider either a gas greenhouse heater, or an electric greenhouse heater. If you can get a power supply to your greenhouse, an electric heater can be a multifunctional and very helpful addition to your greenhouse. It can also help keep things cool in summer if it’s one with a fan built in.