Do You Need a Moisture Barrier under Carpet?

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Installing a moisture barrier underneath your carpet is always a good idea. It will not only help you keep your carpet clean and dry but it will also protect the wood or cement underneath the carpet from becoming damaged. A moisture barrier is installed right beneath your carpet so that if any liquid is spilled it will not seep through to the floor base.

Protects Wood from Rot

Wood that has come into contact with water will easily rot. Also, the water will stain your wood and cause it to become weaker. A moisture barrier would protect your wood from rotting because of any spills in your home. It will keep the wood strong and not allow moisture to weaken it which could potentially cause damage or injury.

Protects Against Mold

Another benefit of having a moisture barrier is that it will protect your floors and carpet from growing mold. Mold can cause a lot of damage and make it hard to breathe in your home. Once mold begins to grow, it is very difficult to remove. Moisture barriers are essential in keeping the floors in your home safe.