Does a Soaker Hose Save Water?

A soaker hose is a great gardening tool that will help you to save time, money and water. It is flatter than a standard garden hose, one end is closed off, and it contains evenly spaced holes that allow water to escape. A garden soaker hose is a helpful if you don’t want to lug around heavy hoses, install sprinklers or water your vegetables or flowers by hand. Consider a soaker hose if you are interested in conserving water and other resources.

Using a Soaker Hose to Conserve Water

A soaker hose can be used for conserving water. It does this by focusing the water on the soil instead of allowing it to spray into the air. This means that there is less evaporation and less over-spray. This both conserves water and helps prevent spray-related gardening problems, like leaf rot.

Tips for Using a Soaker Hose

To get the most from your soaker hose, position it on a level surface. This will ensure that there is no water runoff and that your soaker hose will work efficiently.

Next, make sure that you select a soaker hose that is the right length for your needs. If you have a large area to water, select a longer hose that you can wind around to reach all your plants. If you have a smaller garden, choose a smaller hose that won't have as much excess.

Finally, just like programmable in-ground sprinklers, you can use a water timer to ensure that your garden gets just the right amount of water from your soaker hose.