Does an Electric Cooling Fan Really Save You Gas?

An electric cooling fan is a component that can be added to your car to make it run much more efficiently. In the end, it will save you from having to put extra gas into the car.

An Electric Cooling Fan

This fan is similar to any other generic fan. It has blades that are used like a propeller. It is located or installed in the vehicle, usually just at the back of the radiator. In some cases the fan is located in front of the radiator. When it is running, it helps to draw through air into the radiator. The radiator contains coolant and during operation of the vehicle, the coolant heats up dramatically. With the introduction of a fan, the cool air helps to reduce the heat produced in the radiator.

Where the Cooling Fan Is Used

Generally speaking, the cooling fan is used most in situations when the automobile is idle or moving slowly through the streets.

How It Saves Gas

The motor's energy source is electricity, rather than fuel. Rather than using the motor or fan in the car, which are propelled by gas, the electric motor does not expend any additional fuel and therefore saves you gas by keeping your radiator fluid cool during operation.