Does an Indoor Bug Zapper Kill Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies on a lemon

You can use an indoor bug zapper to kill fruit flies. These pests are not only annoying, but can present considerable health risks since they will eat food and drop their eggs into any food left out and uncovered.

Keep It Clean

An indoor bug zapper attracts flies by luring them with an ultraviolet light. Until any fruit flies are present near the device, these pests can still hang out near your food and cause some unhealthy situations. The best way to control fruit flies is to eliminate any food source in a room that would attract the bugs. Always put food away in an airtight container that allows nothing to penetrate from the outside.

Use the Bug Zapper

A good quality indoor bug zapper can also aid in the control of fruit flies. The flies will be attracted by the ultraviolet light and enter the device where a charged electric grid will electrocute the bug, thus zapping it. The dead bugs drop into a removable tray that can be dumped, cleaned, and reused.

Using an indoor bug zapper to control fruit flies is a healthier and more attractive alternative to traditional fly paper or other sticky-type fly control methods.

Natural Remedies

If you don't want to use a bug zapper, there are a few natural remedies you can turn to instead. One such remedy involves using apple cider vinegar. You can place a bottle with apple cider vinegar near where the flies are and cover the top of the bottle with a plastic bag with a few holes in it. The bugs can find their way in, but not out. Herbs like basil, lavender, mint, and rue are known to repel the bugs as well.