Does Grout Color Change when Using a Bleach Cleaner?

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The color of grout is something that many homeowners often overlook. However, when it becomes discolored, it can be very noticeable and stand out from the rest of your floor. Many cleaners have bleach in them, and you may not know whether you can use these products on grout. Here are a few things to consider about cleaning your grout with bleach.


Cleaning your grout with a bleach cleaner can be very dangerous. While it may not always be the case, there is a good chance that the bleach is going to discolor the grout. With certain colors of grout, you may not notice the change, but if you are dealing with a dark grout color, it is going to be much more noticeable.


Instead of using a cleaner with bleach in it, you may want to look at some of your other options. There are many different grout cleaning products out there that do not contain any bleach or harmful chemicals that can discolor or damage the grout. You may want to purchase a cleaner that is specifically designed to clean grout. These cleaners are not going to contain bleach, but they will have the ability to remove stains from your grout in many cases.