Does Home Window Tint Keep Out Heat?

Similar to the material installed in car windows, home window tint can effectively reduce the amount of heat that gathers in a home. If your home has one or more large windows that are exposed to direct southern or western sunlight, the ultraviolet light that enters into those rooms quickly becomes heat. In the summertime this can lead to increased electricity bills. The hotter a room gets, the longer the air conditioner must run.

Reduce Heat with Home Window Tint

To be sure, home window tint is most effective during the summer months when excessive heat can cause a spike in power bills due to increased air conditioner use. To partially counter this, tinting the windows of your home that are exposed to direct sunlight during the hot parts of day can reduce heat buildup in the immediate rooms. If it happens to be the room with the thermostat, the AC will not come on as often. By reflecting some of the sunlight, less solar radiation enters the rooms through the windows. This directly translates to less heat building up inside.

As a way to save money on your power bill during the summer months, especially if you live in a hot, sunny climate, consider using home window tint to reflect much of the sunlight that raises the temperature in your home.