Does Your Screen Door Latch Need An Upgrade?

A screen door latch is what keeps your screen door shut tightly to prevent the wind from catching it and blowing the door open. Occasionally there comes a time when these will need replaced, or the homeowner simply wants to change it.


Like anything else, the screen door latch may begin to have issues with use and age. The most common failure with these latches seems to be wearing of the inner springs. As they wear out, they begin to lose their tension and the latch doesn’t catch properly with the striker plate. If your latch is experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to upgrade.

  • Door doesn’t latch properly.
  • The latch is hard to operate and get open.

Types of Latches

There are a couple of basic types of screen door latch assemblies that are in common use today. The one you choose will depend entirely upon what best suits you.

  • Thumb latch – This type features a handle that you would grasp, and you would press the button in with your thumb to get the door open. This type is very common and more susceptible to failure as springs wear and become weakened with use.
  • Door knob style – You grasp the handle and turn, just as you would any other doorknob, to get the door open. These have internal springs as well but for some reason they don’t seem to be as susceptible to failure as the thumb latch type.

Different Styles

You can find a screen door latch in literally hundreds of different styles. The only real limitation to this is the type of screen door that you have, and then some simple modifications, you can overcome even those limitations. Other than that, you want to choose a style that “fits” the outdoor style of your home and not clash with it. These styles include latches that are constructed of brass, aluminum, or other types of metal and the design can be something from basic to ornate.

Other Considerations

Another aspect that you may want to consider when you buy your new screen door latch, is whether or not you want one that is lockable. These types of latches can offer a bit more security for those who are security conscious, not to mention the added safety factor that you get when you have children in the home.