Dog Potty Training: How to Use Puppy Pads

What You'll Need
Puppy pads

Dog potty training comes easily with potty training pads. This simple tool allows dog-owners to create a clean living area for their puppies. Puppy pads are made of large absorbent sheets that are designed to absorb waste material or urine. Every puppy pad is specifically scented to draw puppies to pee on it, instead of doing so anywhere else around the house.

Step 1. Choose a Good Spot to Place the Puppy Pads

Find a space on the floor where there are no carpets. Best spots are areas that a dog can easily go to and are far from eating or cooking area.

Puppy pads are made using absorbent cotton and are treated with chemicals that produce a specific scent. This scent lures the puppy and encourages her to use the pad as a peeing spot. During the early days of the dog potty training, do not expect the puppy to pee exactly where the pads are placed. That is the reason why the pads need to be placed on an area that is easy to clean.

Step 2. Lead the Puppy Directly to the Puppy Pads 

Puppies usually take a pee after a nap or a good meal. After the puppy wakes up or finishes eating, grab her and place her near the puppy pad or directly on top of it. In time, the puppy will learn to find the puppy pad herself. In the mean time, lead the puppy directly to where the puppy pad is located. After several days, the puppy should be able to find the puppy pad herself when she feels like peeing.

Step 3. Reward the Puppy for Good Behavior

Every time the puppy uses the puppy pads correctly, reward her with a gentle petting on the back, or in a soothing voice, praise how good she is doing. If the puppy pees somewhere else other than the pads, firmly say “no” at once. It is important to do this once you notice her doing the act and not after she has done the act, for doing so some time later will confuse her. Punishing the puppy severely for bad behavior will jeopardize the whole potty training process.

Step 4.  Train the Puppy to Pee Outside

Puppy pads offer dog trainers an easy way to train dogs the proper way to potty, but once the puppy has sufficiently learned how use the puppy pads correctly, it is now time to make a major move by placing the puppy pads outside the house. This will teach the puppy that the right place to potty is not inside the house but outside the house. It will take some time before the puppy learns this lesson well. It is best to place the pads on the same spot to achieve faster results. Be patient and remain focused on the dog potty training. Remove the puppy pads once the puppy is mature enough to learn how to take her potty outside. Consistent training will definitely train the dog to potty right where you want her to.