Don’t Store These Things under the Kitchen Sink

colorful cleaning products under a kitchen sink

The area under the kitchen sink tends to become a bit of a catchall cabinet for items you're storing, stuff you use every once in a while, extras and items that you just don't know where you want to put them.

But there are actually many items you shouldn't be putting under your kitchen sink because they can severely compromise safety for you and for others. Get more organized and make your home much safer. Don't store these things under the kitchen sink!

Strong Cleaning Chemicals

Lots of people store their strongest cleaners under the kitchen sink. Everyone needs to stop doing that immediately. Products that contain bleach and dangerously strong products, such as drain cleaners, can be accessed by anyone when they're under the kitchen sink. That includes children and pets.

Strong cleaning chemicals can be highly toxic. You want these things safely stored away and out of reach of curious children and animals. Even child-safe caps are no protection. Bottles can be knocked over and caps broken without a lot of effort.


Many different solvents and cleaning solutions are actually flammable. That means that one of the last places you want to store them is under a kitchen sink, which might be close to cleaning cloths, grocery bags, and lots of other chemicals and materials that can catch fire.

Paints, certain types of polish, solvents, some varnishes, and anything that contains linseed or flaxseed are all flammable. You don't want these in the kitchen, right in the heart of the home.

Store these in a garage, a shed, or somewhere away from the house and away from all potentially ignitable items. Don't store these items anywhere near something that can catch on fire, in other words.

Towels and Paper Products

paper towels on kitchen counter

You definitely don't want your towels, paper towels, or paper bags under the sink. In fact, don't put anything here that can't get wet. Plumbing problems happen. They are an unavoidable part of life that no one can escape.

Eventually, you'll get some kind of leak. If that leak happened under the kitchen sink area, anything being stored in that cabinet is going to get wet. This means all paper products will get ruined.

Make sure you don't store any electronics down there, either. Small appliances, tools, gadgets, and gizmos that run on electricity of any kind, including batteries, can be ruined if there's a leak. Unless they're in waterproof containers, leave the electronics out of this area entirely.


Don't put anything that may rust under the kitchen sink. Even without leaks, the area under the kitchen sink can become moist and humid. Metal tools, utensils, and pots and pans could get rusty simply by being stored under the sink.


You shouldn't store anything poisonous under your kitchen sink. That includes any rodent poison, insecticide or any other harmful formulas. The kitchen sink cabinets can be easily accessed by children, elderly people, and even pets, any one of which could get into the poisons stored there.

Anything poisonous should be very clearly marked and stored in a high-up, secure place that is difficult to access.

Pet Food

two small pet food dishes with kibble

While it's common to store pet food under the kitchen sink, this is a terrible idea. Because of the moisture and humid air in this area, pet food can become moldy. This is actually horrible for your pets.

In fact, don't store any kind of food under the kitchen sink. That includes canned goods, which can become rusty, as well as all cupboard food and pet food.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Go through your kitchen sink and get it organized so you do know what you’ve got. You might be surprised to find out everything that’s under there. Remove all the dangers and make the room and your entire house much safer.

Once you clear away all the stuff that shouldn't be there, the whole cabinet will be much neater and there will be more room for the stuff that does need to be there.