Don't Miss the Action: Install a Bathroom TV

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You’ll never miss an exciting playoff game, prime-time drama, movie, or news show if you install a bathroom TV. They are not only for the rich and famous, and they come in many styles, sizes, shapes.

Fog Free and Waterproof

In the bathroom, any TV needs to be visible. It also has to be encased to protect it from water and steam.


Liquid Crystal Diode (LCD) TVs provide a crisp and precise picture in a size that’s perfect for bathroom entertainment.

Hidden TVs

Hidden TVs include a transparent mirror that goes over the screen to hide it from view and make double use with a mirror. These mirrors can be acrylic, see-through glass, premium bathroom glass, and de-silvered glass.

HDTV and Plasma TVs

High definition and plasma varieties turn your bathroom TV viewing into a a state-of-the art experience.

Once you choose a type of TV for the bathroom, choose the size that works best, the manufacturer, model, and price. Each TV comes with a full set of instructions for installation. With a little patience, you'll soon have your TV installed in the bathroom and be ready to view all your favorite programming.