Door Ball Catch Sticking? How To Adjust It

A door ball catch is the part of the door that moves as and when the door is pulled or pushed. Over a period of time, these catches being to give way and get stuck while operating the door. Let us see how these sticking catches can be adjusted in order to restore right functionality.

Hinges Too Tight or Loose

The catches start getting stuck if the door is not fixed right at the hinges. Hence, check to see if all the screws are in place or if some needed tightening. You might also have to loosen some screws if they have been tightened too much.

Door Ball Out of Place

Another reason for the door ball catch sticking might be because door ball has come out of its keeper. This can be easily rectified. Use a ladder and climb on it so that you can see the top of the door clearly. When you take a look at the ball catch you will see two slits. You will now have to screw the door ball into the keeper with the help of a screwdriver. Once this is done, the door will start functioning well.

Imbalanced Door

Over a period of time, as your house beings to age, the doors and door frames slightly get imbalanced which result is door ball catches sticking. This can be easily fixed too by screwing a 3” long drywall screw between the door jamb and the frame header. This will facilitate the easy movement of the door ball catch.