Door Frame Reinforcement Made Easy

What You'll Need
Flat Bar/ Pry Bar
Wood Putty

Reinforcing your door frame is a good idea for anyone’s home. Not only will it make the door more secure, it can help prevent break-ins. Reinforcing your door frame doesn’t need to be a difficult task.


Fortunately almost all hardware stores sell easy to install kits for this job. When shopping for a kit you will need to know the size of the frame. Kits are available in a variety of sizes and strengths. Since all the parts are included, you won’t have to worry about making subsequent trips to the hardware store once you start.

Step One- Remove Door

The first thing you will need to do is remove the current door. This is the only way to have full access to the frame. Place the hinges and screws you remove in a safe place for later.

Step Two- Remove Molding

Using your pry (or flat) bar, gently start to remove the molding or trim surrounding the door. You want to be very careful with this so you don’t damage any drywall. This may take some time, but patience now will save you from further repairs later.

Step Three- Door Jamb

Starting at the bottom of the door, slowly remove the jamb. Remove any hardware in the jamb itself. Most doors have the flash part of the knob affixed to the jamb.

Once the jamb is removed on both sides, remove the jamb header.

Step Four- Reinforce

Now that you have everything removed, you can start to add the reinforcement to the door. These are generally metal pieces that will drill into a stud. Just take your time and follow the directions included in your kit to add the reinforcement.

Step Five- Put It All Back Together

Once you have the reinforcement installed, go ahead and start putting everything back together in reverse order.

Replace the door jamb header and jambs. It may be a little different replacing these since you’ve now added a metal reinforcement, but the concept is still the same.

-NOTE- If any drywall was damaged while removing the molding or trim, this is the time to patch it back. Wait until the patch completely dries before continuing.

You can replace the molding or trim. Nail it in using your nails and hammer. Remember, you now have a metal rein forcer in the frame. You may need a drill to attach the molding or trim.

Step Six- Finishing Touches and Paint

You can now use the wood putty to fill in any holes from applying the trim. Sand down the putty then paint to conceal the work done.

Step Seven- The Door

You’re now ready to re-hang the door. Be sure everything lines up, replace the hinges and you should be good to go.

That’s it. You now have more security in your home without much effort!