Door Jamb? Repair in 3 Steps

Door jamb repair may look complicated, but in reality it is not really that hard. You really do not need to pay a repairman to do this type of work. If your door jamb has been damaged because you had to force your door open, simply follow the 3 easy steps below and have a spotless door jamb that looks like new.

Step 1 – Fix the Broken Pieces

Put the broken pieces of the door jamb into the areas where they used to be. This may look like a big puzzle game, but this is the only way to reassemble your door jamb. You can hold the pieces in place using very small nails.

Step 2 – Put Wood Fillers

If there are any gaps in the door jamb, you can use wood filler to make the surface even. Wood filler can also help fasten the broken pieces of door jamb more tightly.

Step 3 – Sand and Paint

After the wood filler has dried, you must sand the surface to remove irregularities on it. You need to finish the repair by staining or painting the door jamb so that it will match the color of the other parts of the door.