Door Knob: Interior Rosette vs Exterior Rosette

antique doorknob on a green door
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A door knob is important for easy access to doorways and can vary in sizes, shapes, and level of security. A door knob, also known as a door handle, is used simply for opening and closing doors. However, young children and the elderly may have difficulty in turning a doorknob, and thus a door lever is preferred. Some people opt to utilize doorknobs attached on rosettes for door knob designs, while some use the one with plates.

What are the Basic Parts of the Doorknob?

A door knob basically has an outside and inside knob. The knob is the one that is turned in order to unlatch or open the door. It is specifically designed to fit an adult’s hand. Most knobs have oval or round smooth design, while some have unique shapes like keys, heads, and so on. Common door knobs are usually made of brass, copper or stainless steel, but there are also some knobs that are made of wood, glass, or plastic.

One can use a specific key to unlock the door knob from the outside. From the inside, one can turn or push a button on the knob to lock it so as to prevent entry from the outside. The knobs are connected to the rosette (rose cover) by the stem. The rose cover is attached to the door using the rose screws. The spindle connects both knobs together and is attached to the dead-latch that is installed on the side of the door. The dead-latch strikes on the strike-plate that is installed on the inner side of the door jamb.

Difference between Interior Rosette and Exterior Rosette

antique looking door handle

The rosettes or the rose covers are designed to attach the knob on the door in a secure manner. The exterior rose/rosette is the one that you can view outside the room and holds the exterior door knob. The interior rosette connects the interior door knob to the door inside the room. Both rosettes may be designed similarly. However, some have unique dissimilar designs perhaps to make either the exterior more attractive or the interior more pleasing to both guests and owners.

Types of Door Knobs

There are at least four major types of door knobs available on the market. One is the dummy door knob that has only an aesthetic value and is non-functional. This type of doorknob is usually used when there are two doors and only one of the doors is constantly being used to open and close. Having two doorknobs create a balanced look on the two doors.

Second is the privacy door knob. This type of door knob has only one lock. This can be used for a certain room, like the toilet or adult bedrooms, which requires privacy. The lock is only found in the inside of the room and can also be unlocked from there. Sometimes, this type of door knob is also used in some big closets, where the lock is on the outside and can only be unlocked from that side also.

Another is the passage door knob which has no locks at all. This is great for children’s playrooms or their bedrooms or any room that does not require a locking mechanism. And lastly, there is the keyed entrance door knob, which has a lock on the other side and can be unlocked on one side. This type of door knob requires a key for unlocking the door from the outside. Some buildings utilize door knobs with only a single key used for opening all doors. However, having separate keys is also possible to limit the entrance to certain rooms.