Door Security Alarm Selection Tips

woman setting a security home alarm system
  • 2-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-5,000

A door security alarm is a sound investment for the safety and security of your family and possessions. Today, home security systems are becoming quite popular, especially for people living in housing developments and the suburbs. Selecting a door security alarm can be a little confusing with the amount of home kits and professional services available.

1. Family Recommendations

For your door security alarm, you can get great information from people who are already using one. Find out what they like about the alarm system they are using and what they don't like. How was it to install it or did they get a professional to install it? Has there been any accidental alarms or is everything working good?

2. Insurance Company Help

Insurance companies are also a great place for finding out which door security alarm is best for your home. Some do it yourself alarm kits are good for smaller homes, while they don't work correctly in larger homes with several floors, windows, and doors. Your insurance company will know what is available in your area and which ones will fit your home.

3. Do You Want Just Security?

security camera images on display screen

A lot of door security alarms are able to detect other types of emergencies, accidents, and problems within the home. Many alarm systems can also double as a fire alarm, a carbon monoxide detector, a temperature monitor and even have options for those with medical conditions. Alarms will sound alerting not only the homeowner, but also neighbors nearby.

4. How is the System Connected?

Many home security systems that can be bought at homecenters for do it yourself installation are basic plug and play. This means you have a central keypad that gets fastened to a wall near the front door and windows. Infrared beams connect the control pad to the sensors that are mounted on the door and windows. The limitations of this type of door security alarm is that you are limited in how many points of entry you can secure unless you purchase more than one system.

Other, more elaborate, systems can be connected together with thin wires that can be hidden with metal conduits or under rugs. This gives you more range, but is time consuming to install.

5. Look for Customization

pushing buttons on a security alarm system

The best door security alarm systems will have the opportunity for you to be able to customize the protection to fit your lifestyle. Programmable control panels will free you to do a set and forget type installation. If you are always home before a certain time you can have the alarm system arm itself after that time so you don't have to remember to do it. You can have it disarm at a certain time in the morning before you leave so you don't accidentally set it off. Other customization features that are great to have are being able to turn your lights on and off at certain times if you are on vacation.