Doorbell Button Replacement

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-50
What You'll Need
New doorbell button

If your doorbell suddenly stops working, it most likely means that you need to replace the doorbell button, but don’t worry, doorbell button replacement doesn’t have to be scary or dangerous if done properly. In fact, replacing a broken doorbell button only takes a few minutes and is virtually hassle free. By following these directions you will have your new doorbell button installed in no time.

Purchasing a New Doorbell Button

Since there are different makes and models of doorbell buttons, if you are unsure of which one you have follow the steps below for removing the button and then take the broken one into a local hardware store to make sure you replace the old one with the same model. This will save you from having to drill extra holes into the side of your house and figuring out how to hook up the wiring properly. Also, it is easier to start off with the right doorbell button rather than get partway through the installation and realize that you bought the wrong one.

Turn Off Power

Always make sure that the power is turned off at the circuit breaker or fuse box before replacing your doorbell button. Even though doorbells have very low voltage and there is little chance of being electrocuted, it is always good practice to turn off the electricity when working around wires. There is always the chance for electric shock or injury where electricity is involved.

Remove the Broken Doorbell Button

doorbell without cover

Your doorbell button is held in place with two screws. Unscrew these screws to remove your doorbell button. The doorbell button will still have the electrical wires attached, so be careful not to pull too hard on it during removal or you may damage the wires that are screwed into it.

Unscrew Wires

When you remove the doorbell button, you will notice that there are two wires screwed into the back of it. Carefully unscrew these wires to completely remove the doorbell button from the unit.

Replace Doorbell Button

doorbell exposed wiring

To attach your new doorbell button, simply reverse the step that you followed to remove the broken one. Attach it to the two wires. Once this is done, place the new doorbell button where the old one was located and screw into place. Turn the power back on and test it out to make sure that it is working properly.