Dorm Room Decorating and Organizing

a dorm room with blue walls and green and white curtains

Dorm room decorating can be a little challenging. After all, the average dorm room is the size of a bedroom, and when living in a small space full-time, organizing and creative decorating is of the utmost importance. It is sometimes necessary to utilize every square foot of space, but with the following creative ideas for the college bound, dorm room decorating and organizing will be easier than ever.

Consider these easy ways to organize and decorate your dorm room, and transform an ordinary space for sleeping and studying into a well organized and impressively decorated place to call home while away at college.

Decorating and Organizing Dorm Room Desktop Space

Instead of using a computer desk with very little space for organizing college papers and other necessities, consider a dorm room desk that provides a larger work surface. Choose a desk with drawers on both sides for added storage space, and buy stacking cubes to place on both sides of the desktop.

Stack them as high as practical, and use the cubes to organize college papers and supplies. With desk drawers and sturdy laminated cubes, you will have all of the storage space you need for organizing college necessities. Best of all, the sides and edges of the stacking cubes can be personalized and decorated with paint, peel and stick decals, or stylish wallpaper.

Organizing and Decorating a Kitchen Area

More often than not a small college dorm room serves as a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. To make a college dorm room look and feel more like a place to call home, create a separate kitchen area in an empty corner of the room. Instead of buying a microwave cart for a small microwave oven, purchase a corner unit designed to hold a television. Most have adjustable shelves beneath as well as cabinet doors on both sides. Use the shelves and cabinets to store nonperishable foods. It is important to use any available space, and since corners often go unused, this is a great way to make the most the room you have in the dorm.

In addition, invest in a small refrigerator to hold perishable foods and beverages, and use the space on top for a decorative lamp or another lightweight item that will help make the dorm room feel more like home. Use decorative refrigerator magnets to hold important notes and reminders. Magnetic photos of friends and loved ones are ideal for decorating a college dorm refrigerator. They will serve a valuable purpose, but they will also add color and interest to the room.

Decorating Walls

Mirrors are must-haves in a dorm room, and when floor space is lacking, framed wall mirrors are an excellent choice. Not only will the mirrors provide a place for applying makeup and styling hair, but they will make the room appear larger and brighter. Select large wall mirrors that coordinate well with other decor, and if possible, hang one across from a window to reflect natural light.

If hanging a wall mirror across from a window is not possible, hang two wall mirrors across from one another to enlarge the appearance of the room. Select high-quality decorative framed mirrors and they will become a part of the decor in any location they are placed for many years to come.

In addition to framed wall mirrors, decorate dorm room walls as you would decorate bedroom or a living room walls. Select wall art and wall decor that makes the dorm room look and feel more like home. Instead of posters, consider choosing something a little classier and far more sophisticated such as wrought iron decor, metal wall art, and other high-quality wall decor that matches your personal preference and style. College is a major step up from high school, and dorm room decor and furnishings should reflect the transition into this new phase of college life.

Decorating and Organizing Vertical Space

When decorating and organizing a dorm room, take advantage of vertical space by installing shelves. Dorm rooms in older buildings typically have very high ceilings with a lot of wasted space. Invest in sturdy shelving to hold knickknacks and college necessities. Instead of taking up floor space with furniture that holds clothing and bedding, select wall-mounted cabinetry. Once college living is a thing of the past, attractive wall mounted cabinetry and shelving can be used elsewhere.

Decorating and organizing a college dorm room really can be a lot of fun. For many it is the first time away from home, and the options for decorating and organizing are virtually endless. Consider these easy dorm room decorating ideas, and turn your college dorm room into an impressive and well organized space you will absolutely love and remember for years to come.

Article by Jessica Ackerman of Wall Decor and Home Accents the place to go for unique metal wall art.