Dos and Don'ts of Screen Door Installation

A screen door.

Screen door installation is not a task that requires professional assistance. You can install a screen door in your home as a DIY project in less than one day. When installing a screen door there are several tips you should keep in mind.

Do: Measure and Measure Again

Proper measurements are a vital aspect of purchasing the correct size screen door. Doors are not a one-size-fits-all type of installation, as doors and door openings come in all sizes. You should measure your door from the inside of the doorframe to the opposite inside of the doorframe in three places. You should take six total measurements of the doorframe. The width and length measurements each consist of measurement at the top of the door, a measurement in the middle of the door, and a measurement at the bottom of the door. If the three-width and three length measurements are not exactly the same, you need to use the measurement that is the largest.

Do: Mark Holes

One common mistake made when installing screen doors is misjudgments of hardware. Before drilling your holes and placing your hardware into the doorframe, you need to check and double-check your markings. Most screen doors come with a template that you can use to ensure proper alignment for your hardware. If you do not drill your hardware holes in the correct location, you will have to drill new holes.

Do: Utilize The Safety Chain

Most screen doors come with a safety chain to prevent the door from overextending and breaking the jamb or frame. Do not overlook the safety chain in your installation process, as this small feature can save you a great deal of frustration and headache in the future.

Don't: Install Without Testing

Before you take your first step in the installation process, you need to verify that the new screen door will function properly. Align the screen door against your door and verify that the screen door can close properly and open properly. Sometimes, you will find that the handles or hardware of certain screen doors will not function properly together, as it may prohibit the screen door from opening or closing completely.

Don't: Over Cut

If it is necessary to make adjustments to your screen door during your installation, make them gradually. When cutting or filing your screen door, make very small adjustments and then test your changes. Once you cut your door it's final, so be sure to work gradually taking off a little bit at a time so that your oversized screen door doesn't become an undersized one.

Don't: Forget the Level

The use of a level is vital in screen door installation. In order for a screen door to properly align to your home door and properly fit and align to the hardware, you need to ensure you are installing the screen door on the level. By simply using a level you can ensure that your screen door is aligned correctly and save yourself much frustration later in the installation process.