Dos and Don'ts When Installing Wooden Garage Doors

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The wooden garage door has been a popular feature of the residential home for many decades. These doors are designed to be functional, but they can also be very attractive, and the wood will come in a range of different colors which you can adapt to your own living style. In order to install the wooden garage doors, you will have to be very careful, and there are a few things that you should learn to avoid, and a few things that you must definitely do, in order to safely install your wooden garage doors.

Check the Weight of the Door

Wooden garage doors can often be deceptive in their weight. While some metal and plastic doors can be heavy, a solid wood door can be too much for an ordinary door spring. You need to check that your garage door spring can support the weight of your new door, before you go any further. You should be able to get your contractor to tell you the weight of the door before you proceed, although you should still check with your supplier before you install the doors.

Keep the Door Light

There are a number of things that you can do to prevent your door from getting too heavy. The first thing you can do is make sure that they are not cut too thickly, as this will increase the weight significantly. Another thing is to perhaps have a door made which is only 50 percent wood, the other percentage coming from glass or PVC windows and decoration. This can make a great deal of difference to the weight of the door.

Varnish Before Installing

A common mistake that wooden garage door owners make is to install the door, and then try to varnish it. This can lead to areas of the door not being weather protected, which can mean that the wood starts to rot. Particular areas which are prone to being ignored by installers are the bottom of the door, the hinge areas, and the inside edge of the door. Varnish all of the door and leave it to dry for 48 hours prior to installing. This will help you to keep your door lasting for longer.

Hang the Door Correctly

Another common problem is not hanging the door correctly. Wood looks the same whether it is hung right, on its side, or even upside down. You can hang the door incorrectly, and not realize until it is too late. This might not seem a problem before you use it regularly, but splits and cracks are more common in wooden garage doors which are hung wrongly, so check carefully.

Measure and Lift

Before you install the door, you will need to check that it is the right height for the garage opening. Measure it carefully, so that you can correct any problems, such as the door being too long for the size of the garage, or too wide.

You should also have a friend move it and lift it with you, due to the weight of the door.