Double Door Frame: Fitting Locks

Fitting locks in a double door frame can be tricky, as any misplacement or sizing of the holes incorrectly can result in the entire door becoming non-functional. Keep these tips in mind when installing locks into your doors.


Before you install the locks, make sure the doors are as square as possible. This can be done by laying them down side by side and using a square level to check them.

The Lock

The lock mechanism will work similar to that of a single door, except it will take extra measuring and a specific kind of lock to be installed on these doors, especially if you want to have the same kind of handles on both sides.

The lock mechanism on these doors will bar them from opening inward by a set of support brackets with apertures set in the doorjamb at the hinged edges of the doors. This will allow the brackets to be supported by resting them on two door hinges.

You can also find double deadbolts to install for extra protection for your home or office.