Double Pane Window Repair

Double pane window repair depends on which kind of frames you have on your dual windows. Typically, double pane windows are framed either in aluminum or vinyl frames. Repairing double pane windows is very different from repairing single pane windows because the glass in a double pane window goes twice as deep as compared to that in a single pain window. However, the procedure for inserting or removing the glass from the panes remains the same. Here are a few tips and tricks regarding double pane window repair that will help you get the job done as easily as possible.

Get the Right Size

Buying the right side of the double window pane is critical for ensuring that the installation of the windows is correct. First, measure the height, length, and width of the window opening before you decide on the size of the panes. You will also have to measure the thickness of the glass, as it is important when installing the windows. The easiest way to take these measurements is to measure the dimensions of the frame from one end of the rubber tubing to the other. You can add any extra space you desire into the calculations that you have made while measuring the windows.


Except for a few variations, single-paned windows and double-paned windows are repaired in the same manner. The foremost thing, after ensuring that you have the right sized windows, is to make sure that you have the right kind of equipment for installing the windows. If the glass panes are old, remove them very carefully and take the help of another person, if necessary. Before you begin with the repair or installation, first clean the panes thoroughly, using a dusting rag or a vacuum cleaner. If there are any stray pieces of glass, remove them. Each of the units will have to be removed one by one, by unscrewing the hinges.


Now whether you have an aluminum frame or a vinyl frame, you will have to apply some amount of caulking to it. The caulk should be applied evenly to reduce the chances of leaving any air gaps. The new units should be placed extremely gently so that they fit completely into the frames that you have put up.

Checking Your Installation

Begin screwing down the units once you are sure that they have been placed correctly. The predrilled holes should be checked first. Once you have secured the screws, open, close, and lock the unit to make sure that the panes are swinging without obstructions and that the hinges are working properly. If the hinges are old, rusty or squeaky, it is best to replace them as they may buckle under the weight and break away.

Frame Installation

If the windows are working correctly, it is time to install the new frames. In the predrilled holes, place the screws carefully and press them firmly into place. In case there are any spaces, holes, or gaps, apply some more caulking. Make sure that the glass is thick enough to be fit snugly into the frames. If the thickness of the glass is not enough, it may break if the windows are banged with even the slightest of force.