Double Sided Foam Adhesive

Great for scrapbooking, craft and school projects as well as homemade greeting cards, double sided foam adhesive is a type of tape usually sold in squares, circles and strips. Thicker than most tape and featuring a tacky adhesive on both sides, double sided foam adhesives add a third dimension to normally 2-dimensional projects. Thanks to the thick foam between the dual adhesive sides, pictures, cutouts, or other decorative items jump out from the page or the base surface, giving the project a more dynamic look. 


Precut into a variety of shapes and sizes, double sided foam adhesive is designed to form a permanent bond between two surfaces. Breaking the bond is not hard, but it may damage one or both of the surface materials in the process. Among the makers of double sided foam adhesive is 3M. This company offers 1 x 1-inch squares as well full rolls. Made of polyurethane foam, some double sided foam adhesive is designed to resist temperatures up to 225 degrees F for long periods.


Use double sided foam adhesive for arts and crafts projects, or use it to mount posters on a wall without nails or screws. Practically speaking, apply double side foam adhesive to add a small amount of separation between any two items.