Down Pillows vs. Down Alternatives

There are a lot differences compared to down pillows vs. down alternatives. Down offers a lot of comfort but may not be the best for people with allergies, and that is where down alternatives come in. There are good reasons to get a down pillow and there are good reasons to get an alternative pillow. To find out what is best for you you need to have both materials compared side by side.

Down Pillows

Down pillows are filled with goose feathers and offer a lot of comfort because they are soft and tend to mold to the head. The problem with feathers is that some people are allergic to them and are unable to use these types of pillows. Another downside is that down pillows need to be dry cleaned. The material including the feathers are hard to wash because it is delicate and may get deformed when placed in a washer and dryer. Down is also a lot more expensive than alternatives. Down comforters are good for all seasons because the feathers allow comfort in both warm and cool climates. There are several different types of down that can be bought in different weights and warmth. Down pillows also tend to last longer than regular cotton because they can just be fluffed up again and again while the cotton pillows tend to go flat.

Down Alternatives

Down alternatives are cheaper in price and do not have feathers making a perfect alternatvie for people with allergies. Down alternatives are normally filled with cotton, polyester or tweed instead of the regular goose feathers that can cause allergies to flare up. While down alternatives are a lot cheaper than down filled pillows, but they don't always last as long as down pillows. Alternative pillows normally get very flat relatively quick, and are not able to be fluffed up right away like a pillow that is filled with goose feathers. Down alternatives can normally be washed in a regular washer and dryer as opposed to bringing it to a dry cleaners to have it professionally done. These pillows are also able to provide more support to the neck and back because they are firmer than down. Since they are filled with a thicker material than feathers, they offer a more structured pillow.

There are many different features that a down pillow and an alternative pillow can offer a person. While a down pillow can be fluffed and shaped to the way you want it, a down alternative pillow has more structure and offers more support. Both are comfortable, but each has their own pros and cons. In order to decide which pillow is right for you, you will need to first find out if you have any allergies, what type of material you are looking for and how you want to wash it, and how much you are looking to spend on a pillow.