What You'll Need
Armaly ProPlus Estracell Extra Large Sponge
Paint Roller
Roller Cover
Latex Paint
Latex Glazing Liquid
Paint Tray
Armaly ProPlus Fiber Wipes for clean up
Armaly ProPlus Fiber Drop Cloths
Tape for masking

Traditional decorative painting techniques of dragging, wood graining, or "striae" are simple to achieve using the Armaly ProPlus Extra Large Estracell Sponge. Try this technique on walls, moldings, doors, floors and furniture.


  1. For a larger area, this technique is best done with two people - one to apply the glaze and the other to drag it off.
  2. Paint the wall(s) with latex stain or semi gloss for your base coat. The more contrast between the glaze and the base coat color the more the stripped effect will show.
  3. Make the glaze.
  4. Beginning in one corner of the room, apply a 9 inch to 12 inch stripe of glaze with the paint roller or brush by starting at the ceiling and working down to the floor. While the glaze is wet, place the Armaly ProPlus Extra Large Estracell Sponge at the top edge of the glaze and drag (pull) the sponge down in a straight vertical line.
  5. Remove excess glaze fro the sponge by wiping it on a rag.
  6. Continue across the wall until you are finished. Make sure you keep your edges wet, you should work as rapidly as possible. If edges start to dry moisten them with a damp sponge or rag.

Tip: Vertical dragging is the most common form. Experiment with curves, diagonal, crisscross, squiggles, etc., for a different look.
Tip: If you want a softer look to your pattern lightly brush the surface with a soft, dry natural bristle paintbrush before the glaze sets.

Courtesy of Armaly ProPlus