Drain Auger vs Hand Auger

drain snake

A drain auger is used to clear up clogs and blockages in pipes and drains. It is also known as a plumber’s snake or a drain snake and comes in several different forms. A hand auger is a tool that is used to make holes in the earth, ice and other hard surfaces. Both tools are vastly different in their buildup and modes of application.

Drain Auger

plumbing drain snake

A drain auger consists of a long, thin, highly flexible metal body, which is why it is also called a snake. It consists of a handle or auger on the other side, which is where the user grips on to the tool. A drain auger is used in plumbing applications, mostly when flushing or the use of a plunger does not work. It is a reliable tool that is used widely by people in the plumbing profession.

A drain auger can vary in size and capability, depending on the application it is intended for. A small drain auger that is manually operated is suitable for clearing clogs that can happen at home. On the other hand, a clog in a main drain that can run quite long will require a professional model. Such drain augers are quite powerful and long. They consist of electrically powered motors that enable the propulsion of the tool into the drain. Some advanced models even include cameras so that the operator can see exactly where the cable is headed and can guide it more effectively.

To use a drain auger at home, you must first prepare the area surrounding the pipes. Cover the ground with several rags or old cloth to absorb the messy flow of water and blocked material. Insert the drain auger into the drain slowly, while rotating the handle clockwise. Push and pull slowly and guide the drain auger inwards till you feel it come up against the blockage. The objective is to get a firm hold on the clog and to guide it outwards. In some cases, this may not be possible. You may have to dislodge the blockage and try to flush it down with hot water instead.

Hand Auger

hand auger

The hand auger has a solid body made of steel. One end of the hand auger is shaped like a screw with sharp blades on the end. It is this end that is pushed into the material in which a hole has to be dug. The other end has a handle that the user can hold on to. Hand augers are inexpensive and easy to use. They are used in soil research, digging holes for fences, ice fishing and woodwork.

To use a hand auger, the blade is first pushed into the material, and the height of the hand auger is adjusted in accordance with the user’s height. The handle is then rotated clockwise to push the blade into the material. Once the hole has been made, the user can lift out the hand auger from the material. Hand augers require some maintenance and cleaning to prevent the steel from rusting. Some sharpening of the blades is also recommended. Because this tool has sharp blades, when you use it, you must be cautious in the presence of bystanders and young children.