Drawbacks of Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Hot tub cover lifters are used to keep away dirt, insects, dirt, leaves and other environmental materials by securing the material in place. This helps to prevent damage to the hot tub which can occur if such materials cause blockages in the drainage systems. They are beneficial in conserving heat in the hot tub as well.

Harmful to the Back

Cover lifters are available in different designs. This allows them to operate differently and they have differing properties as well. There are some models that are made of heavy materials. This makes it difficult while lifting them and it can be harmful to the health of your back. Pregnant women and the elderly should exercise caution when operating this type of cover lifters.

Watch Out for Scratches and Grazes

It is important to select quality cover lifts and removers. They should be protected to so as not to harm the surface of the hot tub. Poorly made cover lifts can damage the edges or surfaces on which they draw on when lifting or removing the cover. This can cause extra cost needed for repairs or replacing the lifters with other material.

Safety Concerns

There are safety concerns that can be associated with such accessories. This should be taken into account especially when small kids or pets enjoy hanging around the hot tub. Make sure they are strong enough and securely placed so as to avoid accidents. They should be securely fastened and fixed along side high quality and dense covers. This prevents kids or pets crashing into the hot tub when playing on a covered hot tub.

Poor Quality Cover Lifters

It is easy for some of the materials used to make cover lifts to fall apart as a result of constant use. This happens when poor quality lifters are installed in hot tubs. This can be dangerous for the person using the spa. Invest in high quality hot tub cover lifters. This makes them last longer without falling apart. They can be a menace to the spa area especially if left without repairing them.

Cost of Maintenance

Hot tubs should be maintained by cleaning and disinfecting them regularly. This helps to promote a clean environment in the tub. The fact that disinfectants such as chlorine is not used in spas makes them vulnerable places for germs and other microorganisms to grow. Having extra equipment and accessories makes it harder to maintain proper hygiene at all times. Make sure that every item making up the hot tub is cleaned and in good condition.

Watch Out for Germs

Cover lifters increase the surface area on which germs grow. Watch out for the kind of material used to make them as well. If they are made of corrosive metals they can easily degrade the quality of the water in the hot tub due to rust. Corrosive metals react due to changes in weather conditions and excess exposure to air and moisture.


These types of hot tub accessories are beneficial as picking the best type can help to easily remove and place covers. This saves time when covering the hot tub. They can be cost effective as they reduce the amount of energy used in heating up water.