Embroidered Dream Pillows

What You'll Need
Straight pins
Disappearing ink
Fabric marking pen
Wooden hoop
Embroidery needle

Right after my son was born a little over two years ago, I took up whitework embroidery. I still get compliments on these simple embroidered pillows I keep in my guest room?and they were so easy to do. The words invoke a peaceful feeling and the white-on-white monochromatic color scheme seems to work with just about every style of décor.

Play with a little bit of embroidery floss. Feel the fabric between your fingers and the smoothness of the rhythm of the needle punching in and out of the fabric. Hand stitch these pillows instead of using machine embroidery. No, the stitches may not be as uniform but that's the beauty of hand wrought work. The imperfections make it perfect.

Whether or not you embroider, take some time this wonderful Sunday afternoon to nap. It is one life's little pleasures that refreshes body, mind, and spirit. You deserve it.

For Each Pillow, You'll Need:

  • 14" Pillow Form, or Polyester Fiberfill
  • ½ yd. White Cotton Fabric
  • 1 5/8 yd of ½" dia. cording with ½" attached seam allowance
  • 2 skeins of white DMC rayon floss


  1. Cut fabric into two 15" squares. Embroider word on pillow top with embroidery floss. (see embroidery instructions below)

    To Embroider Words

      1. Either access my patterns, or type desired word on your computer and enlarge to desired size; print pattern.
      2. Tape pattern on a light source (either a window or light box) and center fabric square over word. Trace outlines of text onto fabric with disappearing ink fabric marking pen (available at all fabric stores). Center word in wooden hoop, stretching fabric taut.
      3. Satin stitch letters using three strands of floss. Separate and realign floss threads before stitching. Remove hoop when done.
      4. Gently wash stitched piece in mild detergent; lay flat between two white towels. Press with iron until dry. Follow instructions below for completing pillow.

  2. Beginning and ending at bottom of pillow top, pin cording to right side of fabric edges leaving overlapping ends approx 2". Clip cording selvedge approx. 3/8" at corners; baste cording to pillow top. Remove pins.
  3. Matching right sides and fabric edges, pin pillow top to bottom. Use zipper foot to sew pillow leaving opening at bottom for turning and stuffing. Remove pins. Clip edges of pillow diagonally; turn right side out.
  4. Suff pillow with pillow form and whipstitch opening closed.

by Kelley R. Taylor for CreatingHomeDecor