Drift Boat Fishing Tips

Drift boat fishing is a fishing strategy used by many people to aid the process of catching large fish. However, many people are unsure of how drift boat fishing works and how to get involved. Read below to find out about drift boat fishing, the pros and cons and some simple tips to help you make a big catch.

What Is Drift Boat Fishing?

Drift boat fishing is the form of fishing on a boat. It involves moving to an area of the ocean in a boat, allowing access to various kinds of fish that are often found further out at sea. Once the boat has reached the desired location, the engine is cut, leaving the boat still and the water surrounding it very calm. This helps to disguise the boat to the fish swimming below. Fishermen then fish from the boat and catch the unsuspecting fish that would not expect fisherman to be that far out at sea.

Selecting a Tour Company

Tours are offered in most fishing towns to allow people to take part in drift boat fishing. Prior to booking on a tour, you should verify where the fishing trip will go and the chances of making a big catch. Check out their reviews and feedback to identify whether the tour is worth the time and the cost.

Rent a Boat

Drift boats are expensive (low end around $2000), so, especially for beginners, it’s important to try out drifting boat fishing before you buy. When renting a boat, ensure that it has enough space to hold the equipment you are going to carry on the trip.

Using a Large Rod

As the ocean is deeper the further out you go, ensure that you have a longer rod to accommodate this. There is no point going fishing in deeper waters if the rod will not go any further down. These can be purchased from local fishing retail shops and online.

Check Your Equipment

Make sure you have plenty of equipment for a full day on the water. There is plenty of room on board for your best rod (7-8 feet), a good graphite reel and about 300 yards of mainline. Also bring lures and bait for the type of fish you are looking for and the weights to hold a long cast against the current.

Be Patient

The benefit of drift boat fishing is that you do not have to keep hold of the rod. You can simply attach it to the boat and wait. Waiting is important. Do not move the bait about as this, along with the boat, will deter fish and prevent you from making a catch. Leave the bait attached to the rod and wait patiently for the fish to be hooked.

Get a Companion

If you choose not to have a professional guide or charter company, bring somebody with you, preferably someone who knows the waters if you don’t. It’s always good to have someone the first couple times as you get used to the drift boat fishing. Drift boats are strong enough to weather currents (even medium rapids) and light storms, but bare enough that you are still very exposed. And some don’t take quickly to standing while fly fishing, so it can’t hurt to have someone there in case of emergency.

These tips will aid you in making your catch of the day, so contact your local fishing company now to make arrangements.