Drill Granite Tile: The Fundamentals

Granite tile is one of the most commonly used tiles in modern homes. Drilling into this attractive and versatile material is only limited by having the right tools.

Drill Bits

The first thing you need is the correct drill bit. Although you can use a porcelain tile saw, concrete drill bits are available in a much wider variety of drill bit sizes and provide more versatility. More specialized drill bits for use on granite include SDS bits, although they are more expensive and require a special concrete drill.

The Drilling Process

As you drill through granite, you will need to use water to lubricate the cutting process. Without water, you run the risk of overheating your drill and damaging both the bit and the drill.

When you make the hole, do not allow the bit to punch all the way through the granite. Instead flip the tile over and drill from the opposite side. This will prevent the tile from shattering and being destroyed.

Alternatively, when the drill bit begins to show through, reduce your pressure and slow the rate of the drill.