Drilling With a Spade Bit: 4 Useful Tips

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When you want to bore a large hole in a piece of wood, a spade bit should be the bit of choice. There are several instances when you will need a 1 inch hole, or even a 2 inch hole, drilled into the material you are working on. Spade bits are easy to identify with their sharp point in the center of the bit and large, shovel like paddle just above. Here's a few useful tips to use a spade drill bit.

Drill Pilot Hole

Use a small 1/8 inch drill bit and drill a pilot hole into your material where you want to drill the hole.

Line Point of Spade Drill Bit in Hole

Once you have the pilot hole drilled, then line up the point of the spade bit in the hole itself. Hold the drill perpendicular to the material.

Slowly Start Drill

Have a good grip on the material you are going to drill into and slowly start the drill. The spade bit will grab the wood at the point where the "spade" begins to bite into the wood.

Continue Until Hole Is Done

Keeping the drill vertical, speed up the spade bit to a speed that you can control. Keep the hole clean of any sawdust, and wood chips, by blowing the pieces away. Keep steady pressure on the drill and finish the hole.