Drip Edge

A drip edge is very useful to stop water from being able to seep under the edge of a roof deck. Without a drip edge the edges will rot all the way into the frame studs and sheathings. This will only take about 15 years for it to happen. If it does, you are in for some serious repair work. To avoid those problems it’s best to install a drip edge early on.

Installing the Drip Edge

The actual installation of the drip edge is fairly easy.

  • First you will want to strip off the roofing and make sure that all of the wood is still good after you have removed the roofing.
  • Next you will want to apply an ice and water barrier. This will help protect the wood in the event that moisture does seep in.
  • Right before you install the drip edge you will want to take it and create a fold line so that it can hang over the edge.
  • When installing the drip edge the most important part is how you nail it in. Every few inches you should make sure you catch the top of the trim. Also you want to strictly use a zigzag pattern for nailing it in.
  • Finally, you will want to reapply the element barrier from before..