Driveway Paving Installation Steps

Driveway paving involves covering the ground leading into a home with a hard surface, which can be made from a variety of materials. This job is performed to make transit smoother for a vehicle and also to make the front of home look more finished. Driveway paving is a job that, depending on materials, homeowners can sometimes handle completely in-house. It does involve multiple steps that must be completed with care.

Step 1 – Select the Driveway Paving Material

Material selection for driveway paving is imperative to determine how much or how little a homeowner can handle of the job personally. Some materials lend themselves quite well to do-it-yourself jobs, but other materials can prove a bit more difficult to mix, handle and install. The options for driveway paving materials include:

  • Gravel;
  • Concrete;
  • Asphalt.

Step 2 – Prepare the Area for Driveway Paving

No matter the option selected, it is best to fully prepare the area prior to brining the driveway paving material on site. Preparation, no matter the material selected, will involve removing turf grass and other planted materials from the swath where the driveway will go. It is also generally best to dig a foundation of at least several inches within which to place the materials.

Step 3 – Additional Preparation for Driveway Paving

If concrete, for example, is going to be used, it is important to level the surface as much as possible. Lumber forms will also need to be put into place to hold the concrete to its shape as it hardens. Forms should be oiled for removal later.
For asphalt paving, make sure to lay a gravel layer between 2 and 8 inches deep onto which the driveway can be poured. Doing this in-house can save some money on labor costs.

Step 4 – Selecting A Contractor

For asphalt driveways it is often best to hire a contractor. This step can be skipped by those dealing with gravel or concrete. When hiring a contractor make sure to:

  • Take the time to get multiple quotes;
  • Look into backgrounds;
  • Schedule the project so preparation work can be handled personally, which will save money.

Step 5 – Laying The Materials For Driveway Paving

Once the driveway form is prepared, it is time to put the finishing materials into place. This step will require a very careful touch in the case of concrete. Gravel can be poured out and leveled with relative ease.