Driveway Security: Gates, Alarms, and Sensors

Installing driveway security gates is one way in which homeowners can address concerns about home security. The security gate for a driveway is not limited to celebrity homes, but is a security measure that more and more homeowners are considering.

Basic Security Gate Operation

Driveway security gates are installed at the entrance of a driveway to control access to a property. The gate can be positioned on wheels that move the gate open and closed in a straight line or it can be a cantilever system, where the gate is positioned so that it actually is a bit above the level of the driveway and swings open.

The gate is triggered either by a photo eye or a remote control opener similar to a standard garage door opener. Another method of granting access is to have a keypad installed where a person enters an access code. Often a sensor is also located inside the driveway entrance so that it will automatically open when vehicles are leaving the property.

For some systems, if a vehicle attempts to enter the property from the gate without authorization, an alarm is triggered. Also, when vehicles approach the gate without a remote control or access code, an alarm may be triggered to alert people inside that house that there is a vehicle at the entrance.