Driving Safety - Does Bluetooth Really Help?

car bluetooth

Driving safety is a source of continued debate among drivers and lawmakers alike. Many states have or are considering passing laws banning the use of cell phones while operating a vehicle. This is because studies increasingly show a link between cell phone use and car accidents and fatalities. One way to maintain safety while driving and continue your conversations is to use a Bluetooth hands-free device.

Bluetooth and Driving Safety

Because Bluetooth removes the need for holding onto your cell phone, you should theoretically be able to drive more safely than you would without it. With the attachment in your ear, attached to your visor or plugged into your console, you are able to take incoming calls without looking for and flipping open your cell phone.

However, talking and driving, whether your hands are free or not, is distracting. For this, Bluetooth can be of little help. If you are engaged in business calls while driving and are forced to think about other things, you will be distracted from the road regardless of having both hands on the wheel.

There is no question that having your hands free from a cell phone while driving allows you to keep your hands on the wheel where they belong. This naturally increases your own safety as well as the safety of drivers around you. Bluetooth attachments work wonders in this regard. It is important to remember, however, that you are still attempting to do two things at once: drive and talk. Keep this fact in mind when deciding whether to take that call or postpone it for when your feet are firmly planted on the ground.